About us


About Us

Hello and welcome to the official website of Bangladesh Cricket Club Austria! Thank you for visiting our page. On this website you will find everything about our current activities, further schedule and much more! Please visit also out Facebook page to follow and support our love for the game of cricket. If you have any further questions about club matters and cricket at all, feel free to contact us anytime you want. We would be grateful to help you out! Like other ICC (International Cricket Council) registered professional cricket clubs our mission is to establish this wonderful sport in Austria! A club like ours needs huge effort to survive. Despite all the costs and other expenses we always need newcomers who are also enthusiastic about cricket like we do! So if you are willing to help us, does not matter in which way, please do not hesitate and come across! Bangladesh Cricket Club Austria is an official Austrian based Cricket organization founded on year 2013. Since our foundation we have been playing constantly in Austrian Cricket League. Our focus was set mainly on T20 and One-Day matches. We are grateful for ambitious and hardworking club members. Also special thanks must be spoken out to our sponsors and families, who kept supporting us along the way! BCCA is a non-profit organization and our main focus is to increase the popularity of cricket in Austria. It also gives us a chance to live out our hobby and motivate ourselves to a constant improvement and focus on performing well. Further we carry this “gentleman´s sport” in our hearts and treat our playmates with respect. With other clubs and organizations, it is our job to save cricket from negativity and be a good example of fair play!

Over 50 Club Members

Active since

BCCA TEAM 2015/2016


Conditions for Membership


You must be able to work in a team, You should have a a hard-working, ambitious character. Friendly and fair attitude is also a must have. 

Since the club has extra equipments for players, it is not necessary to have own equipment. But once you have decided to be regular, we highly recommend your own guard and at least gloves and an appropriate bat.

For professional gaming you will need those investments and if you need any assistance, we will be very happy to help you !